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This week Aldo Zilli is trying some recipes from Smoked: How To Cure And Prepare Meat, Seafood, Vegetables, Fruit And More (New Holland Publishers), with a lovely double-page extract in the Daily Express Saturday magazine (16 May):

"Smoking was initially used as a preservation method but nowadays, it is seen as a popular way of adding flavour to fish and meat. For the recipes opposite I recommend you have a go. You should also try making your own pastrami at least once as it’s very rewarding. Good luck!" - Aldo Zilli

17th May 2015

A London Peculiar: The London You Shouldn’t Miss, by Rafe Heydel-Mankoo (New Holland) was featured in The Londonist’s round-up of the best books about London in April:

“If you’re new to the capital, or new to exploring the capital, this is about as good a guide as you’ll find to all those ‘hidden gems’ — well-written, well-illustrated and full of character.”

15th May 2015

Chef Aldo Zilli takes inspiration from Wood-Fired Pizza Oven by John Pellicano (New Holland) in the Daily Express Saturday magazine (28 Feb 2015), with a double-page feature and two recipes:

"I’m also thinking of building a wood-burning oven outside as I am planning on copying the ideas from this week’s book, Wood-Fired Pizza Oven, by John Pellicano. There’s nothing like creating your own perfect pizza from scratch at home and this caramelised onion pizza and pepperoni pizza are sure to be family favourites." - Aldo Zilli

28th February 2015

Bugs in Close Up by Colin Hutton (New Holland Publishers) was reviewed in the Daily Mail 20 Feb 2015 as their illustrated book of the week:

"We spend a lot of time avoiding creepy crawlies, or swatting them away, but this striking collection of photographs shows a more beautiful side to bugs. Using a macro lens, Hutton magnifies the vibrant colours and intricate facial features that often go unnoticed".

20th February 2015

The Londonist included The London Book of Lists (National Geographic) and Retro London: The Way We Were, by Lucinda Gosling (New Holland) in The Best Non-Fiction Books About London To Read In January:

"The market for London trivia books is now as crowded as Victoria station during rush hour, but this National Geographic publication [London Book of Lists] manages to dig up plenty of surprises, and the list format makes for a fun read."

"[Retro London] contains many photos you won’t have seen before, capturing London between the turn of the 20th century and the 1970s. Much has changed and much remains.... the best photographic book of London for some time."

20th February 2015

A policeman holds back the traffic for a boy pulling a toy London bus, 1960s, from Retro London: The Way We Were, a collection of evocative photographs edited by Linda Gosling in association with the Mary Evans Picture Library (New Holland Publishers), featured in the Evening Standard’s round-up of books on London, 27 Nov:

8th December 2014

Wanderlust magazinehave included Stunning Photographs (National Geographic) in their Christmas gift guide (Dec issue).

8th December 2014

Compass magazine has run a lovely review of  National Geographic The Covers in their Winter edition, just out:

For more than 125 years astonishing photography has graced the covers of this distinguished publication, framed in the familiar yellow border. Brought together in this stunning collection, the covers and accompanying stories behind them chart the major events of our world in statling, unforgettable clarity.

8th December 2014

talkSPORT radio will interview Matthew Bazell, author of The Greatest Fights That Never Were (New Holland Publishers) on Danny Kelly’s Saturday night show Season TicketonSat 6th December. He will talk about the book, plus join Danny for the newspaper review afterwards talking about the sports pages.

8th December 2014

A nice mention for The Greatest Fights That Never Were (Mattew Bazell, New Holland Publishers)  in the Evening Standard, 13th November:

“I recommend you all pick up  a copy of Matthew Bazell’s entertaining new book ‘The Greatest Fights That Never Were.’ (New Holland, £12.99) It won’t fill you with optimism about boxing’s chronic dysfunctionality but it’s good food for the imagination, all the same.”

17th November 2014

Mars Up Close by Marc Kaufman (National Geographic) is Book of the Month in the October 2014 edition of BBC Sky at Night magazine, featuring a great 4* review and an author Q&A with Marc.

14th October 2014

Retronaut by Chris Wild (National Geographic) is the illustrated book of the week in the Daily Mail, 12 Sept :

"According to Chris Wild — a former museum curator — a Retronaut is someone who travels backwards in time. In this remarkable assemblage of photos, artefacts and vintage advertisements, he takes us on a magical tour of the past. Expect to see Kim Jong Il buckling into a funfair ride, Ronald Reagan modelling for a sculpture class and Sean Connery finishing third in a Mr Universe contest, as well as the not so famous, as the book unearths a host of treasures from the National Geographic’s archives."

16th September 2014

Mars Up Close: Inside the Curiosity Mission by Marc Kaufman (National Geographic) reviewed in the Daily Mail, 8 Aug 2014:

“Science journalist Marc Kaufman’s fascinating new book contains previously unseen images from the mission, from the Gale Crater to the control rooms of Houston, and offers a stunning guide to the diversity of the planet.”

15th August 2014

Double-page extract from Mexican Craving by Ben Milbourne (New Holland Publishers) in the Daily Express Saturday magazine 26 July, with a review by Aldo Zilli:

"I was intrigued to find out more about Mexican food and judging by this book I won’t be disappointed by its flavours. I’ve already tried the quesadilla and empanada recipes, and the fish section had a few interesting combinations that worked really well, too. I would recommend the tuna tequila slammer while the scallops and hazelnuts proved to be another great combo. I also loved the dessert section" - Aldo Zilli

26th July 2014

A double-page extract from A Homegrown Table (New Holland Publishers) ran in the Daily Express Saturday magazine (19 July), with a review from chef Aldo Zilli:

"I was really struck by how good this book looks. Not only have they done a great design job on the cover, it feels great when you pick it up, too. You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, I know, but this one is inspiring. My favourite part was the foraging tips.
It is very diverse, with recipes ranging from Middle Eastern cuisine to classics such as the steak opposite… I also like the fact that there is a chapter about breakfast, a very important meal that we are all guilty of forgetting about. Thank you, Emma for producing this beautiful book." – Aldo Zilli

26th July 2014

Sublime Nature (National Geographic) reviewed in Outdoor Photography magazine, July 2014 issue:

"Founder of the International League of Conservation Photographers Cristina Mittermeier has been given access to National Geographic’s archive to select images depicting the awe-inspiring and beautiful forms of nature. The spectacular selection includes images by Paul Nicklen, Art Wolfe and Hans Strand, and are complemented by quotes from recognised figures connected to the natural world, including Henry David Thoreau, John Muir and Ralph Waldo Emerson"

16th July 2014

Four Seasons of Travel (National Geographic) reviewed in Outdoor Photography magazine, June 2014 issue:

Presented with National Geographic’s characteristically stylish and high quality reproduction, this book sets out to whet aspirational travellers’ appetites to visit the most beautiful, historic and inspiring places around the world.

16th July 2014

Britain's Best Bakery by Mich Turner and Peter Sidwell (New Holland) got a double page spread in the Daily Express Saturday Magazine, 5th July 2014:

"This week’s book, Britain’s Best Bakery, is full of great recipe ideas to use when entertaining. The best thing about it is that it actually tells you where to discover Britain’s best bakeries, which I found very useful." - Aldo Zilli

16th July 2014

Britain's Best Bakery by Mich Turner and Peter Sidwell (New Holland) was reviewed on All That Women Want:

"Inspired by the ITV series, Britain’s Best Bakery, this book is packed with 100 delicious recipes inspired by the 60 bakeries who battled it out to be crowned Britain’s Best Bakery 2014... So whether it’s three tier sponge cakes, colourful cupcakes, short crust pastries or bread, this lovingly selected batch of delicious treats are perfect for baking and serving at any time."

9th May 2014

Britain's Best Bakery by Mich Turner and Peter Sidwell (New Holland) was reviewed in the 2 May issue of Hot Brands, Cool Places:

"Divided into the different regions this stunning book features the bakeries and their mouth-watering recipes. In addition there is a fabulous collection of recipes for Afternoon Tea, including Raspberry Roulade, Choux Swans with Cream and Strawberries, Lavender Shortbreads with Raspberries and Mascapone, Earl Grey Mille Feuille. Absolutely delicious! Highly Recommended!"

9th May 2014

Sublime Nature (National Geographic) was picture book of the week, with an illustrated review in the Daily Mail on Friday 2 May:

"Award-winning photojournalist and conservationist Cristina Mittermeier has selected a stunning selection of images from the world's most gifted nature photographers in this sumptuous volume, including this diving kingfisher's perfect mirror-like reflection in a lake in Hungary."

9th May 2014

Recipe for Not-so-naughty chocolate cake from Michael Moore's new book Blood Sugar: Quinoa and Healthy Living (New Holland) in Saga magazine:

“A healthy chocolate cake might seem like a tall order, but this delicious chocolate cake recipe is low-fat, low GI, high protein and low sugar.”

20th March 2014

Good Housekeeping review Michael Moore's new book Blood Sugar: Quinoa and Healthy Living (New Holland), and include a recipe for Chilled apple, pear & quinoa porridge with raw almonds

"Michael Moore’s latest book from his Blood Sugar series, Blood Sugar: Quinoa and Healthy Living, is filled with everyday recipes specifically designed for diabetics, but it's worth a read by anyone who's trying to clean up their diet. From breakfast to snacks and desserts, this book has it covered. Michael provides an introduction to quinoa for those who haven’t cooked or eaten this of-the-moment superfood yet, and don't know much about it."

20th March 2014

Another four great illustrated recipes in Woman's Own (10th Feb 2014):

Chipolata wrapped in prosciutto rollers with tomato and chilli jam - Beef Sliders - Spiral-cut rollers with chilli - Cajun-style crumbed fish sliders.

All taken from Sliders & Rollers by David Cowie (New Holland Publishers)

18th February 2014

Three delicious recipes from David Cowie's Sliders and Rollers (New Holland Publishers) in the March issue of Good To Know recipes:

Beef Sliders - Pork Belly sliders with Spicy Caramel Sauce - Cajun Chicken, Avocado & Bacon Ciabatta Sliders

18th February 2014

Four Seasons of Travel (National Geographic) reviewed in the Daily Mail:

"As the last of the Christmas pine needles drop to the floor, our thoughts turn to choosing this year’s holidays - so dip into this inspiring guide to 400 top destinations, chosen on a season-by-season basis."

16th January 2014

Wonderful ★★★★★ illustrated review of Bear: Spirit of the Wild (National Geographic Books) in the 7 Dec 2013 issue of Amateur Photographer magazine

The individual personalities are what really shine through – Nicklen always seems to uncover a few idiosyncrasies that make it clear we’re seeing an individual, not just another member of a species.

17th December 2013

MRF Shadow Troop by Simon Cursey (Thistle Publishing) was extracted in the Mail on Sunday, 17 Nov 2013 and subsequently became Amazon's number 1 best-selling memoir.

It is also the subject of a BBC Panorama special on 21 November.

21st November 2013

A lovely review of The Girl Who Loved Camellias: The Life and Legend of Marie Duplessis by Julie Kavanagh (Knopf) in the October 2013 issue of the Dancing Times:

‘fascinating new book… With her lucid, fluid and highly readable writing style, Kavanagh beautifully evokes Marie’s life and the era in which she lived. … For anyone wanting to discover the truth about the woman behind “the legend” of Marguerite Gauthier, this fascinating and beautifully illustrated new biography is well worth the cover price’.

7th October 2013

Fascinating interview withh Buzz Aldrin in The Big Issue September 2013. His book Mission to Mars (National Geographic) is out now.

10th September 2013

The Spectator review Julie Kavanagh's The Girl Who Loved Camellias (Knopf)

'[Kavanagh]  succeeds brilliantly in coming as close to her subject as it is possible to get. She has managed to find enough material to write a compelling and moving account of a short, forgotten life which is far more interesting than fiction.'

21st August 2013

Review of The Girl Who Loved Camellias: The Life and Legend of Marie Duplessis by Julie Kavanagh (Knopf) in The Sunday Times

“It is,” said Proust, “a work which goes straight to the heart.” He was talking about La Traviata, which was first performed in Venice in 1853 and is still performed around the world 160 years on. The plot is as unlikely as the plots of most operas and as full of mad, melodramatic twists. But its story, it is clear from this extraordinary book, isn’t half as melodramatic as the life that inspired it.

21st August 2013

London Dawn to Dusk (Jenny Oulton & David Paterson - New Holland) is reviewed in the Daily Mail :

"a quick look through this book explains just why so many people flock to the capital... Following the rythmn of the city as it wakes with rowers on the river and pale sunlight dappling through the many parks, through to the neon-lit nightlife, it celebrates both the simplest and grandest in history, architecture, nature and people".

18th August 2013

London Dawn to Dusk (New Holland Publishers) is included in the Hot Brands, Cool Places newsletter, 23 July issue.

“If you are visiting London this summer this is a fabulous collection of stunning images of London literally from Dawn to Dusk which is a very clever idea. All the well-known landmarks are there inspiring the reader to visit them for themselves, or to take home as a delightful souvenir. Highly Recommended!”.

26th July 2013

Lovey review of Penguins: Close Encounters by David Tipling (New Holland Publishers) in Birdwatch magazine, July issue.

‘This book will brighten up many a coffee table as well as providing a good reference and perhaps inspiration for one's own visit to Antarctica – one day ...’

5th July 2013

The Hidden Life of Wolves by Jim and Jamie Dutcher, foreword by Robert Redford (National Geographic), is the Picture Book Choice in the Summer 2013 issue of BBC Wildlife Magazine:

'breathtaking photos ... an intimate understanding of pack life'.

3rd July 2013

Croissant dough recipe from Homemade Patisserie by Vincent Gadan & Michelle Guberina (New Holland Publishers) currently on the Woman & Home website

17th June 2013

Great recipes for Brioche Loaf and Summer Fruit Pudding from Homemade Patisserie (New Holland Publishers) in the June issue of Great British Food magazine.

24th May 2013

Lovely 4* review of Penguins: Close Encounters by David Tipling (New Holland Publishers) in the 25 May issue of Amateur Photographer magazine:

Baby penguins. Adult penguins. Penguin families. Swimming penguins. Walking penguins. Penguins come in all modes imaginable in this book from David Tipling. Taken on trips to the Antarctic, his photography offers views of the interactions of several species of penguin, creating some charming imagery. Tipling’s captions are informative and lively, and he goes into detail about how he put the images together. Behind-the-scenes shots show how close the photographers were able to get to the animals. In one caption Tipling notes: ‘It is impossible not to smile in the company of penguins’. Based on this evidence, it’s hard to dispute.

21st May 2013

The Hidden Lives of Wolves by Jim and Jamie Dutcher (National Geographic) was illustrated book of the week in the Daily Mail (10th May 2013): 'as beautiful as it is fascinating'.

18th May 2013

Lovely full-page piece on chef and author Leila Lindholm 'the Nigella Lawson of Sweden' in Waitrose Kitchen (April), mentioning her award winning book Hello Cupcake (New Holland)

9th April 2013

Your 12-Week Guide to Running by Daniel Ford (New Holland) gets a 4* review in the May issue of Running Fitness Magazine:

“The week-by-week guide provides gradual steps through a thorough training programme, as well as all the nutrition, motivational quotes and tips anyone could need to believe and achieve… There are endless facts on health and fitness that will inspire you as you progress. We really liked the simple layout which allows easy navigation through the programme”.

9th April 2013

Great review of Happy Relationships by Lucy Beresford (McGraw-Hill) in the March 2013 issue of Zest Magazine. Lucy also shares her tips on how to M.O.T your marriage in Woman's Weekly, 26th Feb 2013 issue.

26th February 2013

Lucy Beresford, author of Happy Relationships at Home, Work & Play, looks at how to deal with tricky relationships –  couples, toxic friends, in-laws, and colleagues – in the Feb 2013 issue of Psychologies magazine.

4th January 2013

Stuart Evers chose Black Bread White Beer by Niven Govinden as one of his books of 2012 in the Observer:

“Reminiscent of John Cheever and James Salter, Niven Govinden's Black Bread White Beer (The Friday Project 99p – Kindle edition) follows a couple in the aftermath of a miscarriage. It is a slender novel, but one that lingers, Govinden's shimmering prose picking out the unravelling of a loving relationship in the most heartbreaking of ways.”

27th November 2012

Fascinating Birds by Markus Varesvuo (New Holland) is reviewed in Outdoor Photography magazine, Dec 2012 issue.

“Bird photography specialist, Markus Varesvuo presents his 100 favourite European species. Each bird has a stunning image and short piece of text explaining why the species is noteworthy and the extreme lengths the photographer had to go to achieve his shot. Immerse yourself in a world of imposing lammergeiers, adorable fluffy Eurasian pygmy owls and rather comical bohemian waxwings.”

27th November 2012

Former Man Utd and England goalkeeper Gary Bailey was interviewed by Richard Keys & Andy Gray on talkSPORT about his career in the game and his new book Succeed Under Pressure. Listen again here.

27th November 2012

Life in Colour (National Geographic) is reviewed in the Dec 2012 issue of Outdoor Photography magazine:

“Explore the world through the rich and diverse archives of National Geographic. The sumptuous book is divided into 12 chapters by colour, and includes blue, orange, red and yellow as well silver, white and even those colours that have, until the advent of new technology, remained beyond human vision. Each colour also has its own inspiring message devoted to its meaning, qualities and symbolism and there are engaging quotes dotted throughout… Anyone who likes colour, photography, travel, adventure or humanity in general (so that’s everyone then) would enjoy Life in Colour and I know I’d be happy to find it under the tree!”.

27th November 2012

Aldo Zilli has been cooking recipes from Comfort Pie by Kathryn Hawkins (New Holland)! Lovely double-page extract in the Daily Express Saturday Magazine with sweet and savoury pie recipes.

14th November 2012

A stunning 5-page illustrated feature, with 6 recipes from Blood Sugar by Michael Moore in the Nov 2012 issue of Healthy Food Guide magazine.

17th October 2012

Life In Colour (National Geographic) reviewed in the Daily Mail:

“The natural world is vivid with more shades of colour than any paint palette. In this sumptuous collection of photographs, grouped into colour themes, award-winning photographer Annie Griffiths has compiled a kaleidoscopic view of the world - from autumnal reds and golds to verdant green mosses;  multi-coloured cars in South American towns to pure white laundry on isolated washing lines. “

5th October 2012

Double page spread of stunning photographs from Life in Colour (National Geographic) in The Sunday Times Magazine 30 September 2012

5th October 2012

Lovely recipes from Wild Sugar Desserts by Skye Craig & Lyndel Miller (New Holland) in the Daily Express Saturday Magazine. Aldo Zilli says:

"In this week's glamourous book, Wild Sugar Desserts, [trifle]'s had a great revival with blackberries. I love the fact that Skye Craig and Lyndel Miller use limoncello in the trifle, too, which is an Italian liqueur made from the zest of lemons"

20th August 2012

Wild Sugar Desserts by Skye Craig & Lyndel Miller (New Holland Publishers) was Book of the Week in the Telegraph Magazine. Check out the Baked Hazelnut Custard with Lime Sugar recipe from Stylist Magazine:

20th August 2012

The Ultimate Hiker's Gear Guide (National Geographic) reviewed in Adventure Travel Magazine, Issue 100 (July/August 2012).

“Andrew Skurka is a long-distance hiker who has walked more than 25,000 miles since 2002. He’s also a lightweight fan, generally keeping his pack down to 5kg (excluding food and water) and his advice on extra clothes is, ‘don’t bring them.’ This book isn’t just a comprehensive gear guide though – it also has tips on everything from packrafting to how to look after your feet. Interesting and useful.”

20th August 2012

Lovely extract from London's Afternoon Teas by Susan Cohen (New Holland) in the Daily Express Saturday magazine. Melting Moments and Home-made Scones plus tips on making jam from Aldo Zilli.

"London's Afternoon Teas by Susan Cohen guides you through the best places to take tea
and shows that London really has it all". Aldo Zilli.

20th August 2012

Great interview with chef Michael Moore talking about diabetes, healthy eating, good food and his new book Blood Sugar (New Holland) with Xanthe Clay in the Daily Telegraph.

4th July 2012

Lovely press coverage coming for the beautiful book Wild Sugar Desserts by Skye Craig and Lyndel Miller (New Holland). A lemon and raspberry semifreddo recipe in Stylist and a summery Elderflower jelly with fruit recipe in The Week. More to come!

4th July 2012