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Jacket - Shine on, Marquee Moon

Shine on, Marquee Moon


28 September 2016

Shine On, Marquee Moon is a rock ‘n’ roll love story that celebrates the extremes of life in the music business and challenges the myth of sex, drugs and rock n’ roll with plenty of wry humour, strong characters and sharp dialogue along the way. Never mind chick lit; this is rock-chick lit.

Jacket - Yasou - A Magical Vegan Fusion of Greek & Middle Eastern Cuisine

Yasou - A Magical Vegan Fusion of Greek & Middle Eastern Cuisine

Greenhouse Publications

28 April 2016

From award-winning chef Miriam Sorrell, author of Mouthwatering Vegan (Random House 2013, endorsed by Sir Paul McCartney), comes YASOU, a magical fusion of Greek and Middle Eastern vegan cuisine.

Jacket - English Football in the Modern Era

English Football in the Modern Era

New Holland

01 December 2015

A comprehensive look at every season in English Premier League football since the start of the Premiership in 1992-93

Jacket - Wildlife In Pictures

Wildlife In Pictures

New Holland

19 November 2015

Author Craig Hayman had the rare opportunity of living and working in some of Africa’s most spectacular wilderness areas for several years. This is a behind-the-scenes snapshot of the remarkable life of a conservationist and safari guide.

Jacket - Rarely Seen - Photographs of the Extraordinary

Rarely Seen - Photographs of the Extraordinary

National Geographic

19 November 2015

Boasting a major cool factor, the latest entry in National Geographic’s iconic line of large-format photography books reveals some of the world’s most astounding phenomena.

Jacket - Everest - Mountain Without Mercy

Everest - Mountain Without Mercy

National Geographic

17 September 2015

Timed to coincide with the release of the highly anticipated Universal film “Everest” starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Keira Knightley, this updated edition of National Geographic’s best-selling book recounts the terror and triumph of the 1996 season on Everest, made famous in Jon Krakauer’s Into Thin Air.


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This week Aldo Zilli is trying some recipes from Smoked: How To Cure And Prepare Meat, Seafood, Vegetables, Fruit And More (New Holland Publishers), with a lovely double-page extract in the Daily Express Saturday magazine (16 May):

"Smoking was initially used as a preservation method but nowadays, it is seen as a popular way of adding flavour to fish and meat. For the recipes opposite I recommend you have a go. You should also try making your own pastrami at least once as it’s very rewarding. Good luck!" - Aldo Zilli

17th May 2015

A London Peculiar: The London You Shouldn’t Miss, by Rafe Heydel-Mankoo (New Holland) was featured in The Londonist’s round-up of the best books about London in April:

“If you’re new to the capital, or new to exploring the capital, this is about as good a guide as you’ll find to all those ‘hidden gems’ — well-written, well-illustrated and full of character.”

15th May 2015

Chef Aldo Zilli takes inspiration from Wood-Fired Pizza Oven by John Pellicano (New Holland) in the Daily Express Saturday magazine (28 Feb 2015), with a double-page feature and two recipes:

"I’m also thinking of building a wood-burning oven outside as I am planning on copying the ideas from this week’s book, Wood-Fired Pizza Oven, by John Pellicano. There’s nothing like creating your own perfect pizza from scratch at home and this caramelised onion pizza and pepperoni pizza are sure to be family favourites." - Aldo Zilli

28th February 2015

Bugs in Close Up by Colin Hutton (New Holland Publishers) was reviewed in the Daily Mail 20 Feb 2015 as their illustrated book of the week:

"We spend a lot of time avoiding creepy crawlies, or swatting them away, but this striking collection of photographs shows a more beautiful side to bugs. Using a macro lens, Hutton magnifies the vibrant colours and intricate facial features that often go unnoticed".

20th February 2015

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